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The Annual Report of Danish Aerospace Company ApS for 2015

March 2016

Another great fiscal year for Danish Aerospace Company

Danish Aerospace Company ApS, a subsidiary to the M. Goldschmidt Holding Group, is presenting the annual report for the fiscal year 2015. Highlights for the past 12 month:

  • Danish Aerospace Company (DAC) realized a satisfactory operating income (EBTIDA) of 5.2 million DKK and a net profit after tax of 3.6 million DKK.
  • For 11 years, DAC has generated a profit, which is a result of the company's high-tech and very reliable products for manned space travel which are in high demand from ESA and NASA.
  • DAC supported in September 2015 the Danish ESA astronaut Andreas Mogensen's activities during his very successful 10-day long stay at the international space station.

DACs addition of new contracts and addenda to existing contracts was satisfactory. At present e.g. various new sets of space equipment for the European Space Agency, ESA, are being developed. During the year approximately 73 kilo of the Company's medical devices, have arrived at the International Space Station on eight different launches.

During the year, DAC completed Preliminary Design Review of the Exoskeleton robotic arm, which the Company is developing for ESA.The Company has been supporting the initial use (Pulmonary Functional System) in the space station's laboratory and airlock of Portable PFS (Pulmonary Functional System) together with the new Airway Monitoring equipment for measurement of e.g. NO (nitride oxide).

Moreover, DAC continued providing technical support to ESA and NASA in relation to the Company's remaining equipment located on board the space station.

Succesful Danish visit at the space station ISS

In September 2015, from the control room in Odense, Denmark, DAC supported the first ever Danish ESA astronaut Andreas Mogensen's activities during his 10-day long stay in space and at the international space station. During the ten days, DAC employees supported five scientific experiments and one teaching activity carried out by Andreas Mogensen. Not only the Company but also manned space travel in general and the Danish participation in the ESA program received great media attention in the weeks up to, during and after the mission. The first two experiments conducted by Andreas Mogensen were customized by DAC. These experiments are expected to pave the way for new contracts with e.g. the NASA.

In addition, DAC is developing new equipment, which is to set the scene for future generations of space products for effective monitoring of astronauts and space tourists as well as products for monitoring and water purification on space.

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CEO Thomas A. E. Andersen 
Phone +45 40 29 41 62

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