FERGO (Flight ERGOmeter), the next generation space ergometer, is just as its predecessor CEVIS a vital piece of exercise equipment for manned spaceflight as it provides an aerobic countermeasure for the harmful physiological effects of exposure to microgravity that are experienced during stays in space. FERGO will replace the current CEVIS on the International Space Station (ISS) in 2021 or 2022.


The FERGO is, compared to the CEVIS, more advanced. FERGO maintains a very accurate workload independent of the pedaling speed/stroke per minute of the crewmember. It is equipped with a manual knob which provides loads even without power and a LCD touch screen for measurement and fast adjustments.

The ergometer can be used alone in a self-standing mode or can be configured on a Vibration Damping Frame with Isolation System together with a flexible fixation system - either a saddle with handlebar or a back support for cycling.

Using a tablet controller, the crew member can communicate wirelessly via Bluetooth with multiple recording devices to collect key physiological parameters while exercising.

FERGO is much smaller, lighter and incorporates many new technical improvements from the current CEVIS model.

The Next Generation CEVIS is compatible with previous versions of the Danish Aerospace Company’s Portable PFS for fitness evaluations. 

Software improvements

  • Touched based tablet controller (wired or wireless) running on Windows platform.
  • Possibility to connects to devices and integrates real time data via Bluetooth, e.g. for HR, BP, ECG, Blood pressure, and more.
  • LAN interface for automatic online data transfer to ground and exercise protocol upload.
  • Time sync to ISS station time.
  • Software can be updated from ground.
  • Measurements:
    • Target workload. (Actual workload + deviation from target)
    • Target heart rate. (Actual HR + deviation from target)
    • Target rpm/pedal speed (Actual rpm + deviation from target)
    • Elapsed time + time spend on each workout level
    • Preprogrammed exercise protocols based on workload, pedal rpm and HR
    • Subject Identification.

Design improvements

  • Pedal Speed increase to 140-150 rpm (Up to 225 at lower Watts).
  • Workload increase up to 500 w (at 60 rpm).
  • Mass 27 kg.
  • Unit Dimensions: 49 x 45 x 10 cm.
  • Integrated LCD touch screen for electronic control and readings.
  • Unpowered mode with full exercise range via Manual knob.


  • Workload range: 25 to 500W w/ 5% accuracy
  • Pedal Speed range: 0 to 120 rpm (up to 228 rpm)
  • Mass: 27 kg (60 lbs)
  • Dimensions: 48,2 cm x 44,7 cm x 9,7 cm
  • Power: 28VDC, Idle: 12W, 300W@60rpm: 15W
  • BT HRM
  • Manual knob for contingency mode (unpowered)
  • Surface Pro controller incl. sw.


The first FERGO is planned to be launched by NASA to ISS in 2021/2022.

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