Some of the parameters displayed by the CEVIS Display/Control Panel are:

  • Target cycling speed
  • Actual cycling speed
  • Deviation from target cycling speed
  • Target workload
  • Actual workload
  • Target heart rate
  • Actual heart rate
  • Deviation from target heart rate
  • Elapsed time
  • Protocol (if in protocol mode)

PCMCIA cards are used for data storage and transfer. The PCMCIA card stores the following parameters:

  • Subject identification
  • Pedal speed (target and actual) with a range from 0 to 120 rpm
  • Workload (target and actual) with a range from 0 to 350 W
  • Total elapsed time and time spent at each workout level
  • Heart rate (target and actual)
  • Multiple exercise sessions on a single memory card
  • Preprogrammed exercise protocols based on workload, pedal rpm, and heart rate

The CEVIS Contingency Controller (CCC) is a stand-alone contingency replacement unit for the Display/Control Panel. The CCC controls and displays the crew member's exercise workload when in a contingency mode (operations without a functional Display/Control Panel).


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