This short-name covers the original experiment title: “A model for investigating mechanisms of heart disease with new portable equipment”.

The experiment tests two hypotheses that are based on a more than two decades long research in understanding the reaction of the cardiovascular system to exposure to microgravity. Not that it per se represents any imminent danger, as the cardiovascular reflexes have been shown to return to normal after flight, but rather because, according to present physiological understanding of causal relation between stimulus and response in the cardiovascular system,

the responses that can be observed in Space in the areas of adjustment of blood pressure, resistance in the circulation, tissue fluid filling and urine excretion, etc. do not fit completely with theories. Thus, the new theories for how the observable reactions could be brought about will be tested.

Principal Investigator
M.D., dr. med., Professor Peter Norsk
NASA Johnson Space center, USA (Former from Denmark)