ADAM - Agile Data Analyzer & Monitor is our medical and scientific grade monitoring and analysis software for space and extreme environments. The application has been used to support inflight hardware since 2009 and has since been updated to support new hardware and automated analysis functionality.


ADAM is a unique medical software that supports loading data over a network connection, or from files stored on a hard drive. The software is compatible with data formats from multiple monitoring and acquisition devices, and can be adapted to support additional data formats as needed. In order to ensure confidentiality of data, it can load and export encrypted data.


ADAM Supports both several of DAC’s in house developed devices and can be used with commercially available sensors.

ADAM supports DAC's exercise and medical monitoring equipment currently on the ISS and plays a vital role in helping European and American ground support engineers and flight surgeons visualize Astronaut performance data.

ADAM can also support third party sensors such as Zephyr’s Bioharness and Biopack ECG and accelerometer data. ADAM contains functionality for generic data analysis, but new ADAM modules can be developed based on customer requirements and can be tailored for timely scientific data analysis of input from virtually any scientific or medical device.   


ADAM allow users to configure projects that facilitate different use cases for the same device. Projects define the way data is presented to the user allowing for consistent analysis of data between sessions be it either live data or offline data.


Specific analysis scripts can be developed to eliminate the need for repeated manual analysis tasks.

ADAM supports multiple general purpose analysis tools such as Min., Max., Average, Slope, SNR, frequency analysis etc. Several specialized analysis tools are also included, such as, calculating Oxygen Uptake (VO2), calculating heart rate from ECG signals, cardio output from rebreathing etc. More analysis tools can be added to the software to meet specific needs.


ADAM includes Microsoft Word support, with extensive template generation capabilities. Templates can be edited in Word allowing for easy export and reporting of key medical and scientific data.


ADAM has a wide range of potential applications for analysis of data in both real time and offline situations. This includes real time monitoring and analysis of data from wearable sensors used by:

  • Participants in suborbital or orbital human spaceflight activities.
  • Participants in other extreme environment and high stress activities including underwater, high altitude, racing and military activities.


Minimum hardware

  • 2 GB of RAM.
  • 5 GHz Processor.
  • 17” Display.
  • Windows XP
  • Microsoft .Net Framework 4.5.1

Recommended hardware

  • 3 GB of RAM.
  • 5 GHz Processor Dual Core.
  • 20” Display.
  • Windows 10


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